3rd and 6th Workshops on Advances in Model Based Testing
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Workshop Description
The increasing use of software and the growing system complexity, in size, heterogeneity, autonomy, physical distribution, and dynamicity make focused software system testing a challenging task. Recent years have seen an increasing industrial and academic interest in the use of models for designing and testing software. Success has been reported using a range of types of models using a variety of specification formats, notations and formal languages, such as UML, SDL, B and Z.

The goal of the A-MOST workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the current state of the art and practice as well as future prospects for Model-Based software Testing (MBT). Issues to be considered are:

Models for component, integration and system testing
Product-line models
(Hybrid) embedded system models
Systems-of-systems models
Architectural models
Models for orchestration and choreography of services
Executable models and simulation
Environment and use models
Non-functional models

Processes, Methods and Tools:
Model-based test generation algorithms
Application of model checking techniques in model-based testing
Tracing from requirements model to test models
Performance and predictability of model-driven development
Test model evolution during the software lifecycle
Risk-based approaches for MBT
Generation of testing-infrastructures from models
Combinatorial approaches for MBT
Statistical testing

Experiences and Evaluation:
Non-functional/Quantitative MBT
Estimating dependability (e.g., security, safety, reliability)
using MBT
Coverage metrics and measurements for structural and
(non-)functional models
Cost of testing, economic impact of MBT
Empirical validation, experiences, case studies using MBT

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